Personal Injury

Well-meaning individuals can cause irreparable harm when they behave in a negligent manner. From spinal injuries to emotional duress, negligence causes all kinds of suffering. Victims also find the financial suffering unbearable, as medical bills quickly add up. In the midst of all this, it is important to turn to a trusted Sacramento personal injury attorney for much-needed legal assistance. The right lawyer can help you secure the damages you deserve, thereby bringing about a sense of closure. Look to Jonathan Saul & Associates for the legal support you need at this difficult time.

Insurance Bad Faith

You may be entitled to compensation if your insurance company has denied a claim you made for an injury or if they are negotiating in what is called "bad faith." Sometimes the compensation can be much higher than the original amount of your claim. Jonathan Saul is a Sacramento attorney with experience aggressively representing clients against insurance companies.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are legally binding agreements that all who sign are agreeing to follow. Yet sometimes, parties will sign contracts, then turn around and break their promise. When this happens to you, you may have the right to seek legal compensation with the help of a Sacramento Breach of Contract attorney. Jonathan Saul & Associates offers breach of contract services from a knowledgeable attorney in Sacramento.

Medical Malpractice

Seemingly simple mistakes can result in years, even decades of suffering. In addition to experiencing physical harm, you may suffer mental anguish and tens or even hundreds of thousands in medical expenses. It is important to hold negligent health care professionals accountable, so do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Saul & Associates for assistance with your medical malpractice case.